where we strive to offer businesses in our community a platform for enhanced visibility and growth.

Free Listing: Establishing a Digital Presence at No Cost

Exploits Connect offers businesses the opportunity to create a free listing, allowing even small or newly established enterprises to establish a digital presence without incurring costs. This basic listing ensures that your business is included in the directory, making it accessible to potential customers in the local community. Click Add Listing to get started.

Featured Listing: Premium Positioning and Credibility

Featuring your business on Exploits Connect places it in a prime position, often at the top of relevant search results. This premium positioning not only enhances visibility but also conveys a sense of credibility and importance. Featured listings are more likely to attract the attention of users seeking products or services in your industry.

Sponsored Listing: Enhanced Visibility and Exposure

A sponsored listing on Exploits Connect provides businesses with increased visibility. Your business stands out prominently on our homepage, capturing the attention of potential customers browsing the directory. This heightened exposure can lead to greater brand recognition and increased customer engagement.

Advertising (Coupon) Listing: Driving Sales and Customer Engagement

An advertising or coupon listing on Exploits Connect provides a dynamic way to attract customers. By offering special deals, discounts, or promotions, businesses can entice users to choose their products or services. This not only drives sales but also fosters customer loyalty and engagement, encouraging repeat business.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for businesses on Exploits Connect?

You can search for Exploits businesses by name, category, or location using the search bar on the homepage. Simply enter the relevant information and browse through the results.

How can I add my business to the Exploits Connect Business Directory?

To add your business, navigate to the “Add Listing” page and follow the step-by-step instructions. Provide accurate details about your business, select the appropriate category, and submit your information for review. Contact Preston Pardy for more information

What is the cost of a listing on Exploits Connect?

There is no cost. We offer free listings for any business that is located in the Exploits region. Businesses have the option of becoming a featured, sponsored or pro listing based on a monthly fee.  Please refer to our Pricing for detailed information on the available packages and their respective costs.

Is there a limit to the number of categories my business can be listed under?

You can choose the most relevant category for your business during the listing process. While there may be primary and secondary categories, additional fees may apply for listing in multiple categories.

How can my business become a featured, Sponsored or Pro listing on Exploits Connect?

To become a featured, sponsored or pro listing, contact Preston Pardy. Featured, Sponsored & Pro listings offer enhanced visibility and can be customized based on your business needs.  A pro listing offers monthly advertising promotions. 

What benefits do Paid listings receive?

Featured listings enjoy increased visibility on the Exploits Connect listings page, while Sponsored listings are highlighted on the Exploits Connect Homepage, as well as featured priority placement in search results, and may have access to additional promotional features. The specific benefits depend on the sponsorship package selected.  A pro listing offers a monthly coupon offer and banner ads are also available for purchase.

Can I edit my business information after it's been added to the directory?

Yes, contact Preston Pardy to have your listing updated as needed.

How often is the directory updated?

We strive to keep our directory updated regularly. However, if you notice any outdated information or have changes to your listing, please contact Preston Pardy.