The Plan


Exploits First - The Plan

Vision and Mission

  1. Define Vision and Mission:
    • Articulate a clear vision and mission for Exploits Connect that resonates with the community and stakeholders.

Key Initiatives

  1. Identify Key Initiatives:
    • Economic Development: Promote local businesses and attract new ones.
    • Workforce Development: Provide training and development programs.
    • Community Engagement: Foster a sense of community through events and projects.
    • Investment Attraction: Attract investments and partnerships.
    • Innovation and Technology: Support tech and innovation in the region.
    • Sustainability: Promote sustainable practices.

Website Transformation

  1. Website Enhancement:
    • Revamp Homepage: Make it welcoming and informative.
    • Interactive Directory: Enhance the business directory with user-friendly features.
    • Resource Hub: Create sections for resources, news, and success stories.
    • Events Calendar: Add a calendar for community events and training sessions.
    • Membership Area: Develop a membership portal for businesses to join and access exclusive content.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

  1. Build Partnerships:
    • Partner with local businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies.
    • Engage with community leaders to understand their needs and incorporate their feedback.

Marketing and Outreach

  1. Marketing Strategy:
    • Social Media Campaigns: Use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn to promote initiatives.
    • Email Newsletters: Regular updates to keep the community informed.
    • Press Releases: Announce new initiatives and success stories in local media.

Services and Programs

  1. Develop Services and Programs:
    • Business Support: Offer consulting, marketing, and financial advice.
    • Training Workshops: Regular workshops on relevant topics.
    • Networking Events: Host events to connect local businesses and entrepreneurs.
    • Innovation Hub: Create a space for startups and innovators.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. Track Progress:
    • Set measurable goals for each initiative.
    • Regularly collect data and feedback.
    • Adjust strategies based on performance and feedback.


  1. Leverage Best Practices:
    • Success Stories: Share local success stories to inspire and engage.
    • Collaborative Projects: Initiate projects that require collaboration between businesses, government, and community members.
    • Investment Forums: Host forums to attract potential investors.

Financial Sustainability

  1. Funding and Grants:
    • Identify potential funding sources, including grants, sponsorships, and donations.
    • Apply for government and private sector grants.

Implementation Timeline

  1. Create a Timeline:
    • Phase 1 (0-3 months): Define vision, mission, and key initiatives; revamp website.
    • Phase 2 (3-6 months): Launch marketing campaigns; build partnerships.
    • Phase 3 (6-12 months): Develop and launch services and programs.
    • Ongoing: Monitor, evaluate, and refine initiatives.

Next Steps

  • Community Survey: Conduct a survey to understand the community’s needs and priorities.
  • Stakeholder Meetings: Organize meetings with key stakeholders to discuss the plan and gather support.
  • Project Teams: Form teams to manage different aspects of the initiatives.

By following this plan, Exploits Connect can evolve into a robust platform that drives economic and community growth in the Exploits Region


1. Economic Development

Objective: Promote sustainable economic growth in the Exploits region by supporting local businesses and attracting new enterprises.


  • Business Retention and Expansion: Provide resources and support to help local businesses grow and thrive.
  • Sector Development: Focus on key sectors like tourism, technology, and fisheries to drive regional economic growth.
  • Investment Attraction: Create a welcoming environment for investors through incentives and streamlined processes.



2. Workforce Development

Objective: Equip the local workforce with the skills needed to meet current and future job demands.


  • Skills Training Programs: Offer training programs in partnership with educational institutions and local businesses.
  • Youth Employment Services: Support youth employment through internships, co-op programs, and career guidance.
  • Workforce Attraction and Retention: Develop strategies to attract skilled workers to the region and retain local talent.




3. Community Engagement

Objective: Foster a strong sense of community and civic engagement in the Exploits region.


  • Community Events: Host events that bring people together, such as festivals, markets, and cultural celebrations.
  • Volunteer Programs: Encourage community involvement through volunteer opportunities.
  • Public Consultations: Engage with residents to gather input on community projects and initiatives.





4. Innovation and Technology

Objective: Promote innovation and the adoption of new technologies to drive regional development.


  • Innovation Hub: Establish a hub for startups and tech companies to collaborate and grow.
  • Digital Skills Training: Provide training in digital skills to prepare the workforce for the future.
  • Tech Partnerships: Partner with tech companies and educational institutions to foster innovation.



5. Investment and Infrastructure

Objective: Improve regional infrastructure to support economic growth and community well-being.


  • Infrastructure Development: Advocate for and support the development of critical infrastructure projects.
  • Public-Private Partnerships: Leverage partnerships to fund and develop infrastructure improvements.
  • Sustainable Practices: Promote and implement sustainable practices in infrastructure projects.




6. Sustainability

Objective: Promote environmental sustainability and resilience in the Exploits region.


  • Green Business Programs: Support businesses in adopting sustainable practices.
  • Environmental Education: Educate the community on the importance of environmental sustainability.
  • Climate Resilience Projects: Implement projects that enhance the region’s resilience to climate change.